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IMAG0644RC’s Affordable Limousine Service (TCP #14562) has been serving Southern California, LA and South, for 13 years.   Our company president, Richard Case, began this entrepreneurial small business in 2000 with just one limousine and the offer of white glove, red carpet treatment at an affordable price.

We specialize in VIP transportation to all major airports in the LA metro area, over sized-luggage arrangements are easily accommodated, winery tours, wedding party transportation, respectful funeral needs, personal and gentle transportation for elderly clients.

“We want to be flexible and help our customer friends design a service program which focuses on their specific goals and needs rather than what someone else thinks their needs should be,” said Mr. Case, who quickly realized limousine customer “needs” were not being met by the majority of supposedly “VIP” limousine companies, so he began focusing on “client specific” service rather than “vague boxed services”.

Serving your needs is important to us.  Please contact us directly for any questions, concerns, or to discuss your Limousine needs.  We’d love to hear from you.20130521_032340