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IMAG0123 Q:  The most commonly asked question is “How much does it cost to rent a Limousine?”

A:  The cost is almost entirely up to you.  Some rental services charge exorbitant rates, while others are more reasonable.  Here are three cost considerations:

  1. How much can you spend?  The rates vary from company to company.  Shop around.
  2. What’s the occasion?
  3. Where do you want to go?

Q:  Why do people rent limousines?
A:  Limousines can be rented for just about any occasion or need.  Some people want theDSC03718_2 limo for a short time like going out to dinner or picking someone up from the airport.  Another person might want to take a tour of the California Wineries.  The possibilities are endless.

Q:  Do I need to book ahead?

A:  Yes.  Certain times of the year, limousine services are heavily booked.  You can’t be sure, so it is wise to book your vehicle as soon as you know your need dates and times.

Q:  Is there some information available to help me in considering a limousine rental?

A:  Yes.  RC’s Affordable Limousine Service offers a free booklet.  Click here to get your free copy.

Q:  Should I personally look at the vehicle I plan to rent?

A:  Yes, definitely.  Don’t sign any contract until2014-01-129511.38.09 you’ve made a careful evaluation of the limousine for dents, smells, cleanliness and maintenance information.

Q:  Is smoking allowed in the rental you are considering?

A:  This is an important question to ask.  Most services do not allow smoking in the vehicles, but will be more than happy to allow you to take smoking stops when you wish.


Q:  Are there specific questions I should ask about the company?

A:  Yes.  Asking the following five questions instead of just “how much?” may save you greater expenses later.

  1. Does the service have good insurance policies on the vehicle and occupants?
  2. Are the vehicles and drivers licensed?
  3. Are the vehicles well maintained?
  4. Are the drivers adequately trained and does the company test for drugs?
  5. How old is the company’s fleet of vehicles?

Q:  Are the company contacts and employees courteous and helpful?

A:  If you find that the reservation person is rude or brusque, you might want to take your business elsewhere.  You will want those who help you to treat you with kindness and answer ALL your questions.